Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Thanking You All - Doritos Ad Comp 2010

In order to thank you all for your support, here are two special features, plus a high quality version of the original ad.
They are on youtube, so they may not run in your workplace.

Signing off for this project,

Mark D Osborne (Guess what the D is for?)

This is the one Ridley Scott really wanted to make but was constrained by the required length of the original work. You can see how much had to be left out..

Not quite "The Making Of" from lack of interviews and in-depth analysis by the production crew, this cute collection of speed-humps on the way to "Doritos May Save the World" will stand as a diary, if you wish... 
My advertisement for the 2010 Doritos Ad Competition

Mark Osborne

Friday, August 6, 2010

2010 Doritos Ad Comp: Thanks everyone!

Thanks for your support!
I didn't make the top 100, but had a lot of fun.
Now I'll get back to my first fiction novel.

Stay tuned!

Mark Osborne

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mark Osborne's Entry in the Doritos Ad Competition 2010

Hi all.

Election time has come early! Please VOTE FOR ME.

From now until Wednesday 4th August 9am, my home-grown Doritos advertisement will be available for you to view, laugh at, vote for and share with everyone you know.

My advert can be found here:

Voting for my advert is open now (to Australian residents). You can vote 5 times per day for the same advert during this period. The truly heroic among you will be able to vote up to 40 times! If you vote or refer a friend via the Doritos website you also go into a daily prize draw for each day you do so.

The details:
  • The advertisement with the most votes for this voting period goes into a pool of 8 wild-card ads from which 1 is fast-tracked to the final 10.
  • My advert also can be selected by a judging panel based on its originality, creativity, popularity, appeal, and keeping to the rules as one of the other 9 of the final 10 from the hundreds of other entries.
  • The final 10 is then judged by a panel that select 3 for the Grand Final.
  • The final 3 will then be open for public judging.
I will let you know if I make it that far!

Let your family and friends know about this with facebook, twitter, word of mouth, jungle drums, smoke signals, or forwarding this email.

Thanks for your help.
Happy Voting!

Mark Osborne